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Summer Adventures in Oregon

The summer here in Oregon has been full of fun adventures. It was definitely a change in scenery and temperature as Salt Lake City is currently 100 degrees!

Here in Oregon it has been beautiful weather. Perfect for hiking, skiing, running and so much more!

I am working for Atomic Sports, helping kids get dialed in with skis so they can train up on Palmer Glacier, Mount Hood. I will also be ski coaching kids next week which I am very excited about!

One of the first weeks I was in Mount Hood, a great friend Matthew, invited me on what ended up being an adventure I will always remember. We summited to the top of Mount Hood, which is at 11,240 feet in the air. I am so stoked that we did it! We hiked, mountaineered, glacaded, skied, ice ax climbed 5200 vertical feet! What a cool accomplishment, I am ready to do it again!

The trail running is very fun here as well, the elevation is not the same as Utah so it makes running a whole lot easier!

I am in Oregon for another week so I am going to milk out as much fun as possible before I head home to SLC for a few days... then off to Alaska for the Discrete Cirque Series mountain running race!

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Eric Ostergren
Eric Ostergren
Oct 08, 2018

I really like what you are doing with your website! I am impressed.

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