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'The Last Issue of The New Testament: Powder Magazine'

Over. The. Moon.

Four days ago I received a phone call from Sven Brunso (@sbrunso), (the MAN & ski industry legend), breaking the news to me that I had made 2 photos in the last photo annual of @powdermagazine. Completely surprised and physically unable to stop jumping up and down, immediately I was overflowed with appreciation and gratitude.

As a little mid-western ski racer kid, who up skiing a 400 vert foot tow-rope hill on garage sale skis, the idea of being printed in Powder was a dream that honestly felt so far out of reach— but a dream that later fueled me to keep chasing what I was so passionate about. Skiing.

To sneak into the very last printed issue of Powder Magazine feels pretty special, but ultimately it has given me time to pause and appreciate how lucky I am to have such incredible people in my life that have had faith in me, trusted me and supported me over the years. These special people, who genuinely wanted to help me succeed and grow, I can’t thank you enough. Thank you. WE DID IT @_cammcleod_ and @adambarkerphotography we did it.

Even if the printers have stopped running, the final copies of @powdermagazine have been made, and the print era may be sadly transitioning, Powder will always be the skiers bible that’s helped shape this skiing world we live and thrive in, and will continue to inspire many, as the old and new issues are picked up from our coffee tables and shared with skiers after us.

4 days ago (Nov 23, 2020), when I picked up the magazine in print, just when I thought I couldn’t jump any higher, I spotted @caite_zeliff and I on the same page. My day then became so much brighter. How exciting to share a page in a piece of skiing history with not only a friend but another female skier that I am constantly inspired by. Her strength, determination, and ability to look at life honestly and with an open mind is so admirable.

Caite and I talk on the phone from time to time to catch up or to go over how our crazy-life-navigation-process is going, but this phone call was different. Out of breath and max heart rate, I called Caite to share the exciting news. We shared the stoke and talked about skiing and the impact it’s had on our lives, about print and the future of skiing, but ultimately we took a second to celebrate. Celebrate hard work, friendship, and everything that skiing symbolizes.

Another huge thank you goes to @crisp.gin, who was with me when I first received the news, overheard my conversation on the phone, and dropped what he was doing-- already on the phone with the local ski shop in Jackson Hole asking to “hold all of the copies of Powder Mag aside, we will be there in 5 min,” before I had even hung up the phone. How lucky to have a friend like Christian to remind me that it’s important to celebrate and be proud of yourself, no matter how small or big the accomplishment. That sharing love and happiness, is what it’s all about.

CHEERS! To Powder, to skiing, to everyone.

Let us shred with smiles on our faces.

Thank you Powder Magazine,

-Madison Rose Ostergren

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2020

Madison Rose,what an incredible journey you are on.Always look forward to hearing what your up to,and where your going next! Would love to take a few runs with you someday,not that I could keep up,but I’d try! Now after reading about your little jog to the top,I’m going to take a nap! Say hello to your parents,and stay healthy!

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