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Looking back on the best summer yet.

This summer was one for the books. From Oregon, strait to Alaska, to Sun Valley ID, to A-Basin CO, then back to Utah.... I barely got to sleep in my own bed!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel, hike, and compete in Mountain Running races all over the West. Being a part of the Cirque Series Team (a mountain/trail running race series) was extremely fun and each location had its own unique atmosphere and vibes. Though traveling is fun, I am happy to finally be home in Salt Lake City, where I am able to drive 20 min to a trailhead and explore in the Wasatch mountains.

Transitioning from summer to fall is brutal for me... Classes and Ski training take up a lot of my time on the weekdays... but I definitely still find time to run and hike on the weekends. Fall weather is my favorite. Cold mornings, puffy jackets, hot coffee, and the smell of winter around the corner!

I am really excited and ready for new experiences and adventures in my FALL 2018 chapter of life! WOOHOO


Madison Rose

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