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Alaska: Summer 2019

When people ask "How was Alaska?" My response is always "It was amazing and beautiful!"

Flying into Anchorage and seeing the mountain ranges that extend so far into the distance makes me so excited to explore and adventure!

Driving from the airport to Girdwood is always one of my favorite parts as you coast along the highway, the ocean on your right and the sun lighting up the ridges of Penguin Ridge. We drive past a river where people are fishing for Salmon and then make a left turn to head over to Girdwood. Girdwood is a small little town, pretty much at the base Resort Alyeska (the only "ski resort" in AK.

The weather while we were there was amazing...and by amazing I mean way cooler then it is in SLC in the summer! A mix of sunny days, overcast days, and a little bit of rain. I love that kind of weather! The elevation is low (because we are closer to sea level) so going out for a run or hike, mid day, is so do-able!

For an active group of people (the Cirque Series crew) we would go out and set up the trail and course, flagging and marking the trail, and then on our free time would go explore the near by trials and waterfalls. One of the days a few from our crew went out on a Helicopter and got to explore the glaciers and beautiful mountains! I was very jealous but I couldn't pay the $$ for the excursion (saving it for another adventure)!

All over the resort and as far as the eye could see, wildflowers bloom and pop everywhere, the mountains so full of color! Videos and photos are not even able to do it justice!

The trip was overall one of the best trips, not only because the race went very well, but the adventures and time spent with the amazing people there was unmatchable! I really love it in AK, each time I go I always seem to leave craving more and planning out a next future trip there! Maybe this winter to ski epic lines and explore the mountains that we could see in the distance as we flew in!

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