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Adventures with friends & practicing my photography passion!

My last few weeks in Utah before I left for Oregon were amazing! They were amazing because I got to hang out with my great friends and spend time exploring and having fun in the outdoors! I recently purchased a nice camera to help further my photography/videography career and have fallen in love with taking photos. I love practicing and getting better at taking good pictures.

Action and outdoor adventure photography is my main interest but I am loving experimenting and learning so much about the camera and good photo composition.

Utah is hot in the summer so being in the mountains is a great escape from the heat and congestion of the city.

For the next 6 weeks of the summer I am living and working in Government Camp, Oregon.

I am working for Atomic Skis as a marketing rep and ski technician; where I help kids get set up with skis to test out on the glacier Mount Hood.

I get to have fun hiking, running, and skiing in the mornings, working in the afternoons, and catching the sunsets at night.

It will be a long fun summer.

Stay tuned for more adventures shortly!!!

Madison Rose

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