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Contentment + Solo Mountain Time

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Fun little link up this weekend🏔~9.7miles, ⬆️~5,700 vert, and some 💫seriously spicy scrambling on ridges (shhh don’t tell my mom)

As an extrovert, I always love hiking and sharing adventures in the mountains with people✨Recently, I have had some days where I’ve just gone out on my own and done a solo mission. I think a few years ago I would have been a lot more uncomfortable being alone for hours in the backcountry, but as I am spending more time out there I am learning a lot about the mountains, building more trust in myself, and growing stronger, more independent, and confident!

Understanding my body while moving in the mountains, reflecting and evaluating where my energy is located, and just being at that level of contentment...feels really good✨

During the ridge traverse on sat, although it was nice spending a few hours at a time alone with Mother Nature, I was definitely stoked and refreshed when I saw a few other rad humans on top of different peaks: white baldy, red baldy and the twins! Nothing beats a cheerful smiling face when you’ve been truckin alone for a while and you can’t get “Old McDonald had a Farm” stuck out of your head 🤪stoke= high📶and sharing peak M&Ms for everyone! Inspired by the love of the mountains❤️

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Eric Ostergren
Eric Ostergren
02 sept 2019

Looks like fun. Don't run into any guerrillas.

Me gusta
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